Local branch of Micro:bit Foundation,
which is branch of BBC Foundation

# Open Source HW USB, BluetoothLE, Radio, 5*5 LED matrix, Battery connector, 25 digital/analog IO, 2 user buttons, Magnetometer, Accelerometer, Temerature sensing

Give away experiment in UK

One milion Micro:bits delivered for free.
- 90% agree that BBC micro:bit helped to show them that anyone can code - 88% agree that BBC micro:bit helped them to see that coding isn’t as difficult as they thought it was - 45% said they would definitely do ICT/Computer Science as a subject option in the future, up from 36% before they used BBC micro:bit. This was even more accentuated for girls, increasing from 23% before they used BBC micro:bit to 39% afterwards, a 70% increase. [Source](http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2017/microbit-first-year)

And, amongst teachers: - 75% of teachers have or are intending to use the BBC micro:bit by the end of the summer term - 85% agree that it has made ICT/Computer Science more enjoyable for their students - 80% agree that it helped students to see that coding wasn’t as difficult as they thought it would be - Half of teachers who’ve used the BBC micro:bit say that they now feel more confident as a teacher, particularly those who say they’re not very confident in teaching Computing. [Source](http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2017/microbit-first-year)

- In Croatia, a crowd-funding campaign raised $300,000 to donate micro:bits to 1,000 elementary and secondary schools and 37 libraries in Croatia. - And Singapore announced in April that it will be putting micro:bits in the hands of up to 100,000 school children and adults to instil a passion for technology.
# Czech - Match donors and schools
# JMK - code club (20 pieces) - give away to: Elgartka, Robotarna, Eko gymnásium, ZŠ Jasanova, ZŠ Křídlovická (92 pieces) - wanted by: ZŠ Jasanová, ZŠ Gajdošova (40 pieces)
# Where to teach? - Your local school. - DDM.
# How to teach? - max 8 kids per one teacher - https://github.com/xsuchy/programovani_pro_deti#bbc-microbit - fee