2015-03-27 11:17:01

Copr statistics

Today I needed to generate some statistics of Copr. And they are quite interresting, so I decided to publish it:

  • avg. 230,804 files are served each day.
  • avg. 87 GB of data served per day.
  • avg. 5274 users download rpm package(s) from Copr every day.
  • 523 GB in yum repos right now (180GB on 2014-06-19, 100GB on 2014-03-10)
  • 2,945 projects
  • 1,995 active projects (with at least one build).
  • 148 projects shared by more then one member (likely team nightly repos).
  • 11,242 chroots (eg. el5, el6, fc21...).
  • 44,503 builds or src.rpm.
  • currently hosting 28,805 binary rpm packages (mind last successful build is preserved, build which are not latest are deleted fter 14 days).
  • 8982 - builds since 2015-01-01 (86 days)
  • 104 builds per day - however we are very limited by OpenStack performance and I asked several people to postpone their actions until new OpenStack instance is ready (Apr-2015). [EDIT: it is 104 tasks per day, which is then split to build according to associated chroots, so it is about 600-800 builds per day).

This is impressive to me. And I'm realy looking for next month. New Fedora OpenStack instance is ready and we are working on migration of our VM instances to this new OpenStack instance. Accumulated summary is 288 VCPUs and 686 GB RAM. It is not just for Copr, but Copr will use most of those resources. So we will be able to run more builders and encourage you to use Copr even more.

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