2016-03-29 15:56:48

New features in Copr

Jakub just released new version of Copr. What's new there?

There is new feature "forking". More about it on Jakub's blog. We created it so you can have projects for nightly builds and at one point you can fork your project to "yourproject-stable" and all successfull builds will be copied there. When you find some issue there during release testing, you can rebuild your package just in that forked projects and any new builds in your nightly projects will not affect your stable projects.

Another big feature is build directly from PyPi. Just fill in name of the module and we will create RPM for you automatically. And if you create record on Release-Monitoring.org for that module, then we will automatically rebuild that package once there is new release!

You can submit from command line using:

copr-cli buildpypi --packagename PYPINAME --packageversion PACKAGEVERSION msuchy/myproject

or from webUI. Hopefully this screenshot is self-explanatory:

Building PyPi from Copr webUI

Internally we use Pyp2Rpm to create SRPM. Right now we still use 1.x version. But we will soon deploy pyp2rpm-3.0 version. Which contains big enhancement from Michael Mráka and Michal Cyprian. It contains better parser of setup.py so the success to fail will be much much higher. If your build from PyPi fails, then please report it to authors of Pyp2RPM.

There is pending pull-request for Anitya so it can emit messages even if you previously did not register the module. The PR is currently stuck, so any help is welcome.

And there is some bugfixes and internal changes, which you probably do not find so interesting as we do :).

What will be next?

We will try to rebuild whole PyPi repository! Once we are done, we plan to do the same with CPAN, Rubygems and others.

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