2019-10-31 14:45:40

New hope for Packages app

Jun Aruga and I worked on a rewrite of Fedora Packages


While this application is useful, it is written in Python 2. To quote current maintainer Clement Verna:

“… the big problem is the technology stack it is built on TurboGears2 and making heavy use of Moksha (https://moksha.readthedocs.io/en/latest/), while TG2 is still active upstream, this is not the case with Moksha and some of the TG2 dependencies the application has. The effort to move away from these two frameworks is quite high, and I don’t think we currently have the cycles for it…”

We offered help and rewritten the application in Python 3, Flask, and PatternFly. We were able to rewrite around 40 percent of the code/templates. The current code is temporary at


and we plan to do massive merge once the new app provides the same functionality as the original one.

Jun did the great work of setting up CI, so we are immediately informed when something is broken.

We plan to continue on this task (with slower pace) and to switch production application to new code before python2 becomes unsupported in Fedora.

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