2024-06-14 17:41:55

DevConf.cz 2024 Day 2

Today started with a Keynote: What if you could boot a container? where Dan Walsh, Stef Walter and Colin Walters talked about bootable containers. The demo was a bit choppy, but otherwise the keynote was funny and easy to understand.

Then I moved on to Brian Stinson’s talk on RHEL 11. I didn’t learn anything new (as I am deep down involved), but it was a nice affirmation.

I went to the “Fedora Hatch Meetup @DevConf.com” where we spent a good portion of it discussing the budget and hardware needed for secondary architectures and unusual expansion cards.

Then I met Marrhias Kirschner from the FSFE, who gave me a copy of his book Ada & Zangemann and asked if I could take it to tomorrow’s Kids' Corner, where unfortunately he can’t make it. The book is aimed at young children (5-8 years old) and is an inspiration why to play with HW and SW and why it is worth fighting for free SW. That sounds very pathetic, but in the book it is presented as a fairy tale and in very simple language.

Matthias Kirschner

Then I had some free time before the “Fedora RISC-V” talk started, so I stopped by the VUT students' booth on deep fake and took a quiz to see if I could tell in an audio recording if it was a deep fake. I ended up staying there for 45 minutes - so I missed the RISC-V lecture. I thought I could recognize about 30% of the samples, but I recognized about 81%. Students will use the result in their future work.

Deep fake introduction

Afterwards I had some more nice chats in the atrium and at the end I dropped in for Martin’s lightning talk “My experience with teaching beginners”. Nothing new for me, but a nice affirmation.

Find the community to volunteer

In few minutes I am going to move to social event at Dobrák. I will not report from there because “What happen Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas”.

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