2014-11-17 12:22:21

Mock 1.2.1

I just released new version of Mock. There are lots of changes. In past 4 months there were as many changes as in previous 15 months. Few weeks ago we released new version just for rawhide to get some feedback and stabilize code. In case you miss that version, you may want to read about new features (here and here).

I will just describe new features since 1.2.0:

Compress Logs

New plugin CompressLogs, which can compress log files created by mock.

Config can be full path

You can now run:

mock -r ~/foo.cfg some.src.rpm

which should easy your work when you are using customized configs.


I will quote man page:

    Use pre-defined rpm macro file. Macros passed to '--define' override macros of the same name from FILE.

Python 3

Whole stack is now ready for python3. Mock and mockchain in Fedora 22 now use python3. Package for older distribution still use python2 as we do no t want to introduce unneccessary regression.

As part of this process url-grabber was replaced by python-request, because url-grabber is not going to be ported to python3.


Previously when you pass --enablerepo/--disablerepo to mock, it was passed to underlying yum in random order. Now it is passed in the same order as provided on command line.


We added --mount option as counterpart of --umount command line option.

Default config

Package now have better handling of default.cfg. In past default.cfg was ignored (and can pointed to non-existed config) and later automatically up dated to newest config. Both behavior was incorrect. Now if we think that default.cfg should be updated, then package create file default.cfg.rpmne w and it is up to you to resolve, which one you will be using (rpmconf(8) can do that for you).

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release.

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