2015-01-16 11:55:13

New release: Mock-1.2.4

I just released new version of Mock.

Changes are:

  • Options and commands in man page are now sorted. There are some other improvements to man page.
  • Behavior of --shell and --chroot is now documented in man page. The difference between those two is that --shell does shell expansion, while --chroot does not. Well - to retain backward compatibility --chroot is shell expanded too, but only if there is only one argument. Note one thing: mock --chroot foo --bar is evaluated similarly as mock --bar --chroot foo, which is likely not what you intended. You should either use mock --chroot -- foo --bar or mock --chroot 'foo --bar'.
  • mockchain on EL7 is fixed.
  • Previously when you run mock --no-clean then home dir of mockbuilder user was preserved. Now it is wiped too and only files that are preserved are: build/SOURCES, .bash_history and .bashrc.
  • Regression in SCM plugin is now fixed.
  • Allow compression of logs created by package_state plugin.
  • We got reports that when using lvm_plugin and you completely filled up your thin pool, it was unable to do anything with this thin pool. Not even remove it. This is still problematic (and LVM team know about it) so we added warning when your thin pool is over 75% utilization. And mock refuse to start if usage is over 90 %.
  • Default path for ccache is now %(cache_topdir)s/%(root)s/ccache/u%(chrootuid)s/, which means that ccache is now separate for each user. Therefore it may consume more space. On the other hand it solve one old security problem.

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