2015-04-29 15:26:43

Mock 1.2.8 is available

This release include these features:

  • Plugin chroot_scan is now available. It was announced in previous release, but due release engineering bug, it was not actually included in previous release.
  • Additionally chroot_scan plugin got option 'only_failed' that allows you to copy logs from chroot only when build failed.
  • Previously SCM plugin always created tar file in form %name-%version.tar.gz. Now it take the name from SOURCE0. And it can even correctly use compression method detected from extension of this file.(BZ 1204935)
  • Previously when dropping root priviliges for some command, we were unable to restore user environment variables. Now we store those variables before we drop them when gaining root priviliges and restore those variables when we drop root privileges.
  • There is new Sign plugin. It can call command on the produced rpms.
  • There is new option '--rootdir' which allows you to define root dir for chroot. By default it is /var/lib/mock//root/. (BZ 452730)

And some note-worth bugs fixes:

  • Since previous release Mock use DNF for rawhide builds. And YUM for Fedora 22-. However DNF managed at very last moment to finish "DNF as default" to Fedora 22 and as result Fedora 22 'yum' command is in fact 'dnf' command. And old 'yum' is now called 'yum-deprecated'. We altered Mock that on F22+ when you use yum, it will in fact use 'yum-deprecated'. If you altered your /etc/mock/site-defaults.cfg file, you should definitelly merge it with /etc/mock/site-defaults.cfg.rpmnew file. (BZ 1211978)
  • Tar file created by yum_cache plugin now correctly use 'exclude_vcs' option and does not archive caches.
  • When your host use BTRFS volume, then systemd created subvolume inside chroot. Mock now properly removes them. (BZ 1205564)
  • We print more friendly message if user is missing dnf-plugins-core. (BZ 1196248)
  • yum_cache plugin now handle DNF cache too when DNF is used. (BZ 1176560)
  • It seem that %{rhel} variable is not available on EL5. So we explicitely install 'buildsys-build' package in EL5 chroots now. (BZ 1213482)
  • Output of --chroot are logged in root.log now. It was previously declared in documentation but never implemented. (BZ 1214178)

And you may notice, that Fedora 22+ version of mock is missing LVM plugin. That is because of LVM team is ignoring Python3 (BZ 1136366)

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