2015-05-14 14:32:17

Fedora 22 - good, bad and ugly

Fedora 22 is going to be released soon. So I went ahead and upgraded to beta version.

There are good parts (new version of everything) and bad part. Some surprised me.

RootFS on RAID (md)

First surprise is that after upgrade my system was unbootable. After investigation I found that it is due the fact that my RootFS is on LVM which is on MD raid1. I had to add:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="quiet rhgb rd.auto=1"

to my /etc/default/grub. And run:

grub2-mkconfig > /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

That allowed me to boot.

NVidia Quadro

However I did not make it to GUI. I have NVidia Quadro FX 380. Good card, still powerful. However last driver, which support it is 340.76. In rpmfusion is only newer version for some time. And package from NVidia site refuse to compile under Kernel 4.0 (which is in F22) due some type mismatch. So new Fedora means new graphic card. And I find hard to buy some recent card, which support two DVI outputs as my monitor only have DVI or DSUB. At the end I end up with new AMD graphic card and with new monitor too (4K yupii!).


I am long time user of KDE. And I heard lots of positive reaction on new KDE. I was very curious... and disappointed... New KDE did not imported setting from my previous ones. So I spent half of the day just setting the environment again. And the KDE are ... how to say it ... GNOMEzed. There is less options. Some windows can not be resizes (e.g. KLauncher). It is gray... where are some colors?

But biggest problem is KScreen. I have two monitors in dual head setup. Both are rotated by 90° and each of them have different resolution. It is very hard to set up screens. KScreen behave very non-deterministic way. It do not remember offsets of each display. Sometime it rotate screen but not view port. One time it unify my screens, and I get them split only when I clicked on "Unify outputs". Really weird and hard to describe. I will yet have to record it and report it.

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