2018-10-03 16:41:25

Fedora 29 will enable you modules

Today I run dnf upgrade and I get this message:

 Package   Arch     Version                          Repository        Size
 libgit2   x86_64   0.27.4-1.module_2222+9bfbc8d7    fedora-modular   412 k
Enabling module streams:
 libgit2            0.27                                                   

In Fedora 29, everybody has modular repositories available, but I never enabled any module. What is happening?

After an investigation, I found that libgit2 maintainer stopped maintaining the package in main Fedora and moved completely to Fedora. Such modules are called default streams and dnf will silently enable it for you. See Managing module defaults for more information. Those defaults can be changed in the next version of Fedora and dnf will automatically switch to next default stream for the next Fedora. You can see the source of default stream for relengs or you can run dnf module list which print something like:

Fedora Modular 29 - x86_64
Name             Stream         Profiles      Summary
libgit2          0.26                         Library implementation of Git 
libgit2          0.27 [d]                     Library implementation of Git 

The [d] in Stream column indicates that this stream is the default and can be silently enabled.

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