2019-03-18 15:05:54

New feature in fedora-upgrade

I have just released a new version of fedora-upgrade (an unofficial tool to upgrade Fedora). It has two nice features:

Previously you were able to upgrade just to next version. E.g., upgrade from Fedora 28 to Fedora 29. You were not able to upgrade from Fedora 28 to Fedora 30. This is now possible. You can run:

fedora-upgrade --upgrade-to=30

and it will try to upgrade to Fedora 30 - no matter what is your current version. Be warned - more releases you skip, more bugs will pop up.

I have several machines in the cloud, which have root volume pretty small (4GB) and which I (for various reasons) prefer to upgrade (rather than terminating and building from scratch using Ansible playbook). Upgrading system where rootfs is 4GB big and the 2 GB are already used is painful. You need 2 GB for DNF cache to download the packages, and then DNF tells you that you are out of space. I usually workaround that by mounting /var/cache/dnf as tmpfs and after the upgrade I unmounted it. I finally find time to script that so you can use:

fedora-upgrade --tmpfs=3G

to mount /var/cache/dnf as 3GB big tmpfs.

The new version just landend in Bodhi - tomorrow it will be in updates-testing.

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